Wednesday, February 1, 2023

20230123 to 20230129 Boorish Slice of Life

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Snow Day

Today, much of Kansas City took a snow day.....
A gorgeous snow day like today reminds me of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands....
Every year at Christmas time this song is usually performed by the New Standards...
Dan Wilson shared an anniversary of a career highlight...
It wasn't a perfect snow day, there was a bad crash that included some horrific details...
And lastly, here a drive lapse of the day....

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

20230116 to 20230122 Boorish Slice of Life

Monday, January 16, 2023

20230109 to 20230115 Boorish Slice of Life

iarrheatribe about how the Kansas City, Kansas police department never seems to be able to catch the high speed car chases coming across the state line into their city.  It seems all car chases end in KCK with the perpetrators getting away.  I drown my sorrows at Anchor Island.  Hey, Hey!  I got the Atom X-cast to work after contacting customer support and getting the firmware to work.  Thursday brought us some snow -- most people missed it unless they were up at three a.m.  I was up at that time covering a triple shooting in the Blue Summit area.  Friday brought a crash at I-35 and 635 and a house fire where the owner ran inside the house to save her pets.  I had brekkus Friday morning at Town Topic.  I love their coffee.  Saturday brought errand, a visit to the truck stop in Oak Grove and more cawfeee....  There is remodeling going on at our church.  We have our dance lessons and dinner at Vietnam Cafe amidst fears of resurgent Beerfluenza.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

The Night Shift Livestream Friday 20230113

 It didn’t really get interesting until closer to the witching hour when there was a crash at I-35 and 635 I couldn’t really access.  Then there was a house fire in the northland that was interesting because a himeowner ran back inside her house to save her pets.  All got out ok, including the pets.  I stop by Town Topic on Baltimore to get some haystacks to go on the way home.



Wednesday, January 11, 2023

20230102 to 20230108 Boorish Slice of Life

The day after New Years I had off for the holiday.  That is when my and many workplaces celebrated the holiday as New Years Day fell on a Sunday.  Siah and I went to Cafe Ca Phe then to Retail Rebel.  While at Retail Rebel heavy rain came through.  We didn't notice because we were too busy shopping.  On Tuesday morning during the night shift I took note however, and played the radar loop of the storm while describing some of the wild weather throughout the country.  Due to the warmish temperatures there has been a lot of fog in the new year.  I finally get to try Anchor Island Coffee and see the improvements on Troost Avenue as it is becoming a hot zone for grass roots redevelopment.  Unfortunately that usually leads to corpo developers creeping in and taking over and gentrifying everything.  Anchor Island suffered from a calamity not too long ago.  I do an impromptu driving tour on my way back to returning my TVU and footage from the night shift.  On Wednesday 4 January I lost my voice, again!  Instead of coffee I to to Town Topic on Baltimore.  They actually have really good coffee as they grind it fresh.  Thursday 5 of January brought two residential fires in mid-town east side of KCMO.  They appeared to be vagrant house fires.  My voice was still gone as I enjoyed Cafe Ca Phe.  Friday Morning brought a trailer fire in Blue Summit.  Blue Summit is an unincorporated area of Jackson County in-between Independence and Kansas City.  It is often referred to as "Dogpatch" which is the imaginary location for the 'Lil Abner comic.  I read a blog post about it here.  This post dates from 2008 and I find that it is a bit harsh as compared to my experience with the area.  I've met many people from the inner-city fire district and they are quite nice, as well as some of the residents I've had a chance to talk to.  While the area does suffer from it's problems I do not think it is necessary to paint everyone with such a broad brush.  If you read down in the comments you will find a more accurate give and take on the reality of Blue Summit.  I then caught the end of a car chase that started out in Kansas City but ended up in North Kansas, City.  Friday's location for coffee was Headrush Roasters in Gladstone where I had the pleasure of chatting with the owner, Eric.  Unfortunately, I wasn't too talkative as my voice was still gone.  Saturday brought my family back to Town Topic on Baltimore.  Sunday was a busy day and all I could manage video wise was a small clip of the Filippinettes dance practice.

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