Saturday, June 3, 2023

20230602 First Friday in the Kansas City Crossroads

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

20230515 to 20230521 The Kansas City Vlog: Boorish Slice of Life

20230515 Monday The Night Shift - Slow night picked up by morning. Abandoned house fire on 39TH and Wabash and a police officer injured in pursuit of a suspect is the fate of the early morning. Weather is cool and drizzly which is perfect for a hot drink. 20230516 Tuesday The Night Shift - Cawfee and cool drizzly weather 20230517 Wednesday - The Night Shift - Live at KCI in the Storm Tracker. We had stormy weather which led to a flight from Chicago being delayed on the tarmac. We drive to Lee’s Summit and have Cawfee at Frost 20230518 Thursday The Night Shift - Shooting at a gas station at Blue Ridge Cut Off. Our live is at the butterfly heart at Mill Creek Park. We have a steamer at Cafe Ca Phe. 20230519 Friday The Night Shift - I am sent in the middle of the night to a double murder-suicide in Kansas City, Kansas. - KCK Police News Release. Gun Violence Archive The rest of the morning we are spending at the west side on an officer involved shooting. 20230520 Saturday Navion Tars - Today is spent on the Navion, getting it ready for the summer travel plans. The first step is changing out the tires. I do not trust the tires we put on in an emergency in 2019. Today is the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) picnic at Columbus Park. I showed up late as I am taking care of the Navion. Everything is fine with the Navion except it didn't want to shift into 4th gear after I left the truck stop. I pulled over and turned it off, then I hand shifted it. After stopping a second time in North Kansas City, It shifted fine. 20230521 The Kansas City Vlog-Sunday -- Costco and Philippine Dance. I finally was able to get my microphone. We have an unintended hilarious moment when prepping and cleaning the Navion.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

20230508 To 20230514 The Kansas City Vlog Boorish Slice of Life

 20230508 To 20230514 The Kansas City Vlog Boorish Slice of Life

20230508 Monday The Night Shift - thunderstorms cause us to be live at KCI. 20230509 Tuesday The Night Shift - I check out a car fire on 435 southbound. Our lives are on bus driver shortages causing schools to have to cut back. I do a TimeLapse of storms dissipating to our south. 20230509 Severe WX 20230510 Parkville Barkville 20230511 Thursday The Night Shift - nothing much overnight. I have Cawfee at Cafe Ca Phe. I drive back in the rain testing the Mokose Camera and Acsoon Seemo. 20230511 Steamer at CafĂ© Ca Phe 20230512 Friday The Night Shift -Bumpback shots at Kauffman and more experimenting with my schtuff. Town Topic ends my work day. 20230512 Friday NW Missouri and NE Kansas Storm Chase 20230513 The Kansas City Vlog Saturday - Picking up the Navion at the caves. We are struggling to find a working air pump in Independence. We check in on Ken. We wrap the day by trying to move cars around on the driveway for the Navion. 20230514 Saturday Mother’s Day -Luke’s 1st time as server at choich. We go to Parkville Barkville for the Dawg park and Cawfee. We go for a family gathering for Mothers Day.

20230501 to 20230507 The Kansas City Vlog Boorish Slice of Life

20230501 to 20230507 The Kansas City Vlog Boorish Slice of Life
0230501 to 20230507 The Kansas City Vlog Boorish Slice of Life 20230501 Monday The Night Shift - festival tear down lives, Cawfee, oil for the cah, doggies and playing with the Accsoon Seemo. 20230502 Tuesday The Night Shift - We are live at the KC Current stadium that is under construction. 20230502 Walking the Dawgs 20230503 Wednesday The Night Shift - A crash blocks US 169 at Briarcliff and we are live at City Hall in KCMO. 20230503 Costco Run 20230504 Thursday The Night Shift - there is a big fire at the landmark Denny’s by the stadiums. 20230504 Gus’s
20230505 Friday The Night Shift - Brookside Annual annual nighttime b-roll. It is raining on our live shot on how streetcar construction is affecting local businesses. The work week ends with Town Topic. 20230505 Parkville Barkville 20230506 The Kansas City Vlog- Saturday 20230507 Luke’s 1st Communion

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

20230424 To 20230430 The Kansas City Vlog Boorish Slice of Life

20230424 Monday The Night Shift - Liberty Memorial 20230425 Tuesday The Night Shift - Liberty Memorial 20230426 Wednesday The Night Shift - Moar liveshots in front of the National WWI Memorial. This time I got to rest my back some as we are kept out for security sweeps. 20230427 Thursday The Night Shift - Moar Liberty Memorial Lives and Cawfee at Headrush 20230428 Friday The Night Shift - At least one moar day toting up that hill. 20230429 The Kansas City Vlog Saturday - Liberty, Missouri town square and we eat at Huey’s. I try out the Acsoon Seemo. 20230430 Sunday The Kansas City Vlog - We needa vacation

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

20230403 to 20230409 The Kansas City Vlog Boorish Slice of Life

20230403 Monday The Night Shift- Another Homicide 6900 Prospect. After work I go back to Parkville for Cawfee….

20230404 Tuesday The Night Shift - sent to another Homicide in some apartments at 6400 Manchester. We are doing live shots when we get the call to go to south KC for a Homicide with a huge scene.

20230404 Ternadies?- Severe Weather and walking the dongs…

20230405 Wednesday The Night Shift - The Storms we’re less than expected

20230405 Lee’s Summit and Unk’s Burger’s

20230406 Thursday The Night Shift - an unusually busy night does not bode well for when good weather hits. There were too many things happening to even talk about.

20230406 Maundy Thursday at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Kansas City Missouri

20230407 Friday The Night Shift

20230407 Good Friday - Good Friday Mass and The Rochester Coffeehouse in Parkville, Missouri with a mixed manifest BNSF train.

20230408 Saturday Easter Vigil

20230409 Easter

20230410 Monday The Night Shift, Cawfee and a frisky Thunderstorm

20230411 Tuesday The Night Shift - 1 Fire in Independence, Missouri and a bunch of car chases I couldn’t catch. I shot another package with Daniela this morning and I got Cawfee in Parkville,

20230412 Wednesday The Night Shift - Live in front of Ruskin High School talking about the story we shot yesterday and enjoying the spring weather and looking at the memorial for the victims of the 1957 Ruskin Heights tornado.

20230413 Thursday The Night Shift : Quiet night. Let’s have coffee!

20230414 Friday The Night Shift - Live at Onion Station for some big to do Inna coupla weeks. Heving post production vittles at Taqueria after our music video shoot. It a beautiful evening in Parkville for a walk in the spring with the dawgs and the trains and lemonade.

20230416 Sunday the Kansas City Vlog - April winter relapse day while we get back to our Sunday routine.


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

20230328 to 20230402 The Kansas City Vlog_ Boorish Slice Of Life


20230328 My bad back problems have flaired up again. It is very crummy. Even driving around in a car is painful. I am remembering all the things the doctors have told me from my 2016 experience. Fatal Shooting at Independence and Van Brunt in KCMO. 20230329: I called in sick for Wednesday and went to the emergency room, which, unfortunately is now the only way to be seen by a doctor immediately. It is recommended I rest my back until Monday. We've been given a doctors note. 20230330: We finally have a decent weather day and I take the doggies out for a light walk. There is actually severe weather close to our area today which is a sure sign of spring. 20230401: We have an even better day. I take the dawgs out to Parkville so they can free range at the dog park and then we have a little walk for me and cawfee at the Rochester. Cawfee, trains and walking in the golden hour -- what a great combination. 20230402: Holy week begins with Palm Sunday at our church. Dance practice is cancelled for the day as the instructor is sick. We take the doggies back to Parkville.

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