Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 17 September 2009


I don't know if I'm the first to use these words together.

Some people do written b-logs -- short for weblogs.
Some people do photo blogs.
Some people do v-logs, or video logs.

Wednesday 16 September 2009


I don't know if I'm the first, but let me introduce the concept of the multimedia blog. Media companies are trying to use the term MMJ to mean somebody who does everything but gets paid nothing. However, MMJ is a useful term for the average joe who might be so inclined to go into business for him/herself. Instead of MMJ, maybe perhaps a business model and opportunity can be found in the MMB, or multi-media blog. If bloggers learn what professional journalists know, than bloggers can be unstoppable. That is, the only thing that professionals have to sell is their credibility. Many media corporations -- newspapers, radio stations and television stations have come to be owned by short term investment companies, who care little about news, journalism or serving local markets. Instead, they have concentrated only on short term profits. As they do this, they have decided that producing local news is secondary to cost cutting. So, the quality and accuracy of the product is slipping. When journalists are expected to do their work, the work of the photographer and the engineer and they have to work long hours for little pay and less benefits (starting to sound like a sweatshop) then it is easy to see why all the professionals are leaving the field. That leaves open a big IF for people who might be interested in staying in this field. That IF is how can I do this myself and support myself? Some terms have been thrown around as of late -- hyperlocal or narrowcasting. In other words, if a niche can be found and filled, such as producing local news in an area that never had access to local news before, or maybe a local arts newscast, or high school sports cast, etc. etc. etc., then maybe that is the future of local news. However, the big IF, is in the business model... how do you produce your MMB, and make a living at it. Maybe it will just remain a hobby.

What would make it a mutli-media blog, and ultimately different that what has been done in the past, would be the interactive aspect of it. Not only will there be livestreaming....

but there also would be a community forum....
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