Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where does KC News Media Spend Most of its Time?

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January to June 2011
The map pictured above is a plot from one general assignment news vehicle, driving 5 days a week over a period from January to June 2011.  It looks fairly evenly distributed on first glance.  However, look closer, and you will see the bright red lines indicating multiple trips.  Since much of KC news media is based downtown or mid-town KCMO, you would expect that area to be bright red on the map.  You have to consider fuel trips and many stories that happen in the center city/downtown.  You will also notice that I-35 is bright red, indicating that I-35 going generally into Johnson County Kansas is used heavily.  You will also notice that many areas on the city's east side are completely lacking in any trips.  Does this mean no news happens east of Troost?  Does this mean that all the news happens in Johnson County Kansas and midtown/downtown?  There seems to be a lot going on in 435 south, but it seems to be happening in the same places.  The lines are bright red, but they are only going to a few locations with little variation.   There are reasonable expectations that the media will hit several areas a lot -- like city government sights or places where big stories happen.  I don't know if you can look at a map, and prove bias, but it would be interesting to see the good news vs. bad news quotient in parts of the city where the economic realities are different.  It would also be interesting to see out of all the good news stories that news media concentrates its efforts on, how many of them are PR generated... in other words, if you can afford to hire PR help, does that make a difference in the amount of good positive coverage and thus, spin, your area recieves.  Also, another question that arises from this is, if an area is economically depressed, and thus has the reputation of being rougher (more crime and violence) does negative news media coverage add to the problems of the area.  If that is the conclusion that would be made, then how close to reality is that negative news media coverage?

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