Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sever Weather floods our area....

Tuesday turned into an impromtu chase day at work. We were in and documented the worst of the flooding at 103rd and State line and Wornall. During the chase, I noticed convergence on radar of a tvs marker and a meso marker which were going to cross in Cass County. We also saw what looked like a huge dirt dragging wall cloud. I even told my reporter that I thought Cass county was going to get hit. I didn't find out until I read the NWS summary a day later that I was right. A tornado did hit Cass County!
Tue 8 June Pleasant Hill Summary
Harrisonville tornado 6-8-10 radar
Harrisonville tornado radar 2 6-8-10
Harrisonville Tornado damage track 6-8-10
Harrisonville Tornado 6-8-10 Wharehouse
Harrisonville Tornado 6-8-10 Church
Harrisonville Tornado 6-8-10 Caseys
Harrisonville Tornado 6-8-10 Tree
June 8 Flooding
All pictures are from the National Weather Service site at Pleasant Hill, Missouri
Here's a link to a news story on the aftermath of the tornado...

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