Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Philippines 2010 Day 7

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This day was interesting.  We continued our "research" into the subject of the sex trade in the Philippines.  To do this, my brother-in law, Ninoy, knew of an old friend of his who he called, Rico.  Rico is a foreigner from Europe who came to the Philippines and decided to stay.  While here he kind of became a... shall we say, man of the ladies.  So to find Rico, we had to cruise the bars.  The research on this assignment was tough.  So, after a day of dealing with the Mazda, Ninoy and I took off on our adventure.  While looking for Rico, we also set out to interview another woman who was in the business.  To accomplish this, we had to rent her out for the evening.  So we went to a bar, found a girl from a small island up north, paid the bar fine for her, and took her to a court motel to interview her about her life.  It turns out, she is 19, has a child, moved to the city to make money for herself and her child, but couldn't make it, so she went to work in the bars where she made much more money, mainly from personally entertaining foreigners.

Mandaue Street scene while we were searching for Mazda parts
2010-10-28 10.06.41
Newer style PUJ, or pick up jeep
2010-10-28 10.12.00
A Jollybee knockoff
2010-10-28 11.50.48
2010-10-28 11.51.23
Soooo tired at the parts Counter -- Kapoy
2010-10-28 16.12.44
Suyen at the parts counter
2010-10-28 16.14.18
Houses in Compostela
2010-10-28 17.23.05
Taking our friend to the motel from the bar
In the motel room after the interview
She is paying for the braces herself
Every girl dreams of Hollywood.
Glamour shots

We went home late, after dropping our friend off at a PUJ stop.  We offered to take her to where she lived, but she wanted to be dropped off around the corner.  We also offered to buy her medicine, as she was actually running a fever and had a cough.  We asked her a lot of questions about her life and her hopes and dreams for the future.  She answered willingly and honestly.  She was happy to have an early night home.  Afterwards we came home to the questions from my wife, Suyen, and her family.  "You did WHAT?!"

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