Thursday, April 22, 2010

So far the season has been a little weak as compared to previous years.  I can live with that if lives and property are spared.  As a chase enthusiast, however, I want the opportunity to find and photograph weather as it happens.  Ideally, I can catch a beautiful backlit tornado harmlessly drifting across a field.  In the real world, that doesn't always happen, so I hope I can give warning to those who need to hear accurate information on what a severe storm is doing, while keeping myself and those with me safe.  Yesterday -- Wednesday,  the chasers were out in force.  The storms didn't produce, however there was one tornado in Texas.  Today the chasers are at it again...
Chasers 4-22-10 @ 13-47
I am currently editing a project, which I hope to have done by tonight. Tomorrow the prognosis is looking better for severe weather in our area. I have to say, with what little we've had this year, so far, they have all been back yard chases for me. That is good, because I am in no rush to rack the miles up on Betsy yet.
Friday 23 April 2010
SPC Fri 23 Apr 10  13-42
Things are looking good for a chase. They look even better down south, but I'm not going to Arkansas. So, I beleive I will be heading up north, probably around St. Joseph. I will be streaming later on today, so check me out at Other chasers will be out today too, so check them out.
Saturday 24 April 2010
Today we are undergoing a bad severe outbreak in the mid-south...
SPC High Risk 4-24-10
SPC storm reports 4-24-10
There are 4 deaths reported in Mississippi so far.

Fridays chase for me turned into more of a long range day trip.
Stormchase Fri 23 Apr 2010 

Tima and I stopped in White Cloud Kansas and Rulo Nebraska for some pix.  The drive from Leavenworth into Atchison Kansas was gorgeous.  If you plan a day trip, take KS-7 north to the border with Nebraska.  
We tracked along the Missouri river bottom in northern Kansas and saw some beautiful country there in the early evening light.  
We saw some Cumulo-nimbus to the northwest of developing thunder storms crossing over from Kansas to Nebraska.  They were too far out to chase.  I got some pix of them as well. 
 I headed back home about dusk, and as I got home, storms started developing to the west.  Apparently a storm produced a tornado to the north near Maryville Missouri.

Sunday 25 to Tuesday 27 April 2010
The weather service is beginning to assess the tragedy in the south.....
4-24 Mississippi storm reports
Tornado Tracks Apr 23 & 24, 2010

For our area, there may be a chance for severe weather.  
SPC for 4-29-10 on 4-27-10
It seems the storm systems are getting more intense and we are in a similar pattern as last weeks.  Again, the mid-south will probably be the main area under the gun.
     The weather I chased Friday afternoon turned into mainly a flooding event across our area.  I got some screen grabs from the Pleasant Hill weather office...
KS WX Reports
4-24 Maryville MO Tornado
844 came to call upon Kansas City on its return leg of the Texas Heritage tour.
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