Monday, May 24, 2010

Thursday in Lawrence

Ken and I set out on a day trip to Lawrence. It was rainy but not as cool this day. I wanted to take Ken to Vagabond Bookman first, but the guy was closing up as we arrived late at 5. I had to do some errands in Kansas City. We spent the early evening walking around Massachusetts street. Ken actually did some shopping for a record at Love Garden and a bumper sticker at Third Planet. I decided to take pictures of Tima standing in doorways. We et ice cream at Sylas and Maddies, and we walked across the Kaw river which is way up, to the train station. After waiting a while, I got some stills of an east bound coal train. We walked back to Betsy, then headed to pick Suyen up at her work.

On Wednesday, there was yet another severe outbreak in Oklahoma...
Tornado Outbreak in Western Oklahoma

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