Thursday, March 18, 2010

Suyen's Swearing In

My wife, Suyen, was sworn in to United States citizenship Thursday morning in a very touching, moving ceremony....


Thursday 18 March 2010
Today was a gorgeous spring day.  The beauty of this day was tempered with the thoughts that the weather people are prediting a big winter storm this weekend.  The weather service is only predicting a very slight chance for anything severe way south, as in Texas and Oklahoma for Friday, and a slight chance for something severe in the deep south on Saturday.
SPC Friday 19 Mar 10
SPC Sat 20 Mar 10
Here is a take on the potential winter weather from Tornado Videos dot net....
Here is a take from Fox 4 KC...
and here it is from NBC 41....
nam snow prediction 3-20-10
It looks like the worst of the storm may happen in and around Kansas City. We'll see...

I'm thinking if this is a serious enough storm, my first chase of the year may be a winter storm. Stay tuned, I might try and stream in my off time.

Friday 19 March 2010
Today was a marvelous spring day. This evening is another story. After a gust front moved through about 17:50, the temperature rapidly dropped from the mid 60's at that time, to freezing just about an hour and a half later.
Radar Fri 19 Mar 2010 @ 22;50
Saturday 20 March and Sunday 21 March
The snow came in Friday night and lasted until Sunday morning. I think a lot of people were in their spring time mode of thinking on Saturday as there were a lot of accidents due to people driving too fast for the conditions.  
Sun 21 March 10 Snow
Not a major snow by any stretch of the imagination. I've looked at some of the forecasts, and their doesn't seem to be anything on the horizon as far as intersting weather goes for at least the next 4 days:(

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 22 - 24 March 2010
Monday and Tuesday were gorgeous days. Wednesday, not so much. Here it is rainy and is expected to get cool by night. Contrast that with Monday sunny and temps in the 60's and Tuesday where the temps actually reached 70. However, today, there is an interesting snowstorm at west and a slight -- very slight chance of severe weather down south in Texas.
Snow Depth Wed 24 Mar 2010
Severe wx Wed 24 Mar 2010

So, what's the score for Wednesday according to the National Weather Service?
Severe Reports Wed 24 Mar 10
Today Suyen and I drove to Warrensburg. We visited Julie Kendall at Cafe Blackadder. She seemed to be in very good spirits and says that business has been good. She invited us to a one year anniversary get together to say thanks to all the people who have helped out with her business.

Suyen and I went to the Lyric Opera Saturday night during the height of the snow storm.  The Dodge saw us through fine.  My mother got us tickets to the performance of Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi.  It was fine.  I cannot say I've ever been to an opera before, and it was interesting to dress up for a show.  An announcement was made before the performance that next years season will be the last one in the old Lyric building, as the operation will move into the new Kauffman performing arts center.

Sunday night, we took one of our friends to church to see the jazz jam at YJ's.  Great show as always and a packed house....
Steve on Sax

Speaking Out Through Spoken Word

An interesting event is taking place at the end of April.  It is called 

SPEAKING OUT-empowerment through spoken word and will be held at the YWCA on 1016 North 6th street in Kansas City, Kansas.  Violence is an always ongoing chronic problem in our country and it is good to see an effort to bring awareness through performance and spoken word.  Mark your calenders.  It will be Tuesday 27 April at 7:30 PM and is free.  For more information contact

Andrea Generaux at (913) 573-8645

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Livestreaming Events
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You can click on the on button over on the Livestream window and see if Svoboda KC is streaming something live or, click on the "On Demand" tab on the bottom and see past livestreams.  We try to stream the YJ's Jazz Jam every Sunday night from 8 to 10 PM.  Contact us at we can stream an event. We are also looking for sponsorships for our streams.  You can also check out the Livestream page here or go to

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