Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In My Opinion

Often, when I talk about art, I'm given a look like what I am saying is trivial and frivolous. After all, with the major problems all around us, violence, poverty, hopelessness, etc, isn't art a bit of a luxury, and elitist? I contend, that if you go to an area with no art and culture, you will also find these problems prevail. I think there is a direct link. However, even in the most threadbare areas, there is at least some form of human creativity going on, often in defiance of the prevailing attitudes and totalitarian authority. Oftentimes when a creative community find its way, and starts maturing, the surrounding communities as a whole benefit economically. This is not trivial, but the corporate state seems to view organic creative enterprise as a form of competition, and large fiscal political organizations only tend to recognize that which is corporate as a means to develop major metropolitan areas. The result is often sterile, corporate, temporary and is expensively subsidized for the life of the development, often at the expense of roads, sewers, parks and programs for the middle class and poor. Often when looking for a programs that can benefit the most for the least amount, those that promote creativity and self-expression offer the most bang for the buck and reach the most people. However, what is usually the first choice are the programs that cost the most and benefit the fewest. Art and music programs will not solve all social ills but they will go a long way to reaching a lot of people. If you want to make a more liveable viable city, put a lot more into art.

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