Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Kansas City Vlog: 20230306 to 20230312 Boorish Slice of Life

The Kansas City Vlog:  20230306 to 20230312 Boorish Slice of Life

20230306 Monday The Night Shift - shooting at 35th and Prospect at a bus stop and having mint tea at Cafe Cà Phê.
20230307 Tuesday The Night Shift- we are in the Power and Light District after doing live Bumpback shots preceding the beginning of the Big 12 tournament.
20230308 The Night Shift - Big 12 at the big downtown arena starts today and we will be busy here all week. It is my birthday and I celebrate by having brekkus and cawfeee at Town Topic on Baltimore in KCMO. I talk about the meaning of the term, boogin.
20230309 Thursday The Night Shift- Talking about live shots at the Big 12 tournament downtown
20230309 The Kansas City Vlog- Tea at Cafe Cà Phê
20230310 Friday The Night Shift - In the early morning hours downtown is crazy as people are filing out of the big sports bar. I am checking on an accident call at 13th and Grand. We are live at Barney Allis Plaza. I get tea afterwards.
20230311 The Kansas City Vlog-Rainy Saturday - the fam is playing Clue to decide who gets to pick the movie tonight. I hook up my new antenna for my scanner radio. I didn’t want to stay around the house so I went to Retail Rebel. I get things for the kids, mostly. I have tea and do a River Market driving tour before heading home.
20230312 The Kansas City Vlog_ Sunday. Choich, Westport Coffeehouse and Filipino Dance Practice, plus another trip to Retail Rebel.

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