Monday, November 20, 2023

20231106 to 20231119 The Kansas City Vlog Boorish slice of life

I’ve gotten a little behind so I am posting two weeks of boorishness…

20231106 to 20231112 The Kansas City Vlog  Boorish Slice of Life
20231106 Monday The Night Shift - an abandoned building fire turns spectacular as it collapses in front of me.  A train vs person in Olathe doesn’t end well for the person.  A bad wreck on I-70 kills 2 near Lee’s Summit Road.  I have a hot drink at Cafe Ca Phe.
20231107 Tuesday The Night Shift - Election Day!  We are live at 65th and Brookside.  I go to Headrush Roasters for my hot drink.  I then go vote.
20231107 Tea and Nice Weather in Westport.
20231108 Wednesday- We go to a shooting at a gas station at 63rd and Prospect.  Scanner says person is shot in the arm.  There is a crash close by at 55th and US 71.  We are live in Gladstone talking about the new tax on cell phones to finance the 911 system.
20231109 Thursday The Night Shift - We Are live on 39th street talking about a proposed east-west streetcar line.  I have mint tea at Rebel Coffee.
20231109 Evening Tea in the River Quay of Kansas City, Missouri at Quay Coffee.
20231110 Friday The Night Shift - We Are live at The Circus downtown and I HAVE MY Friday tradition at Town Topic.
20231111 Saturday West Plains, Missouri - We drive down to West Plains, Missouri to visit my wife’s niece who got a job at the hospital there.
20231112 Sunday West Plains to Kansas City

20231113 to 20231119 The Kansas City Vlog- Boorish Slice of Life

20231113 Monday The Night Shift - I vent about giving at street corners. Tea at Cafe Ca Phe.
20231114 Tuesday The Night Shift - Shooting near Grandview and Bumpback Shots at Union Station
20231114 Steamer - Enjoying the nice weather.
20231115 Wednesday The Night Shift - The witching hour got busy.  There is a Homicide at the Quaff on Broadway.  I visit Westport Coffeehouse.
20231115 Stella Back From the Vet!  Stella had her teeth cleaned and her nose looked at.
20231116 Thursday The Night Shift - Overnight accidents and Weirdness
20231116 Thursday Tea in the River Quay.  Hey that rhymes!
20231117 Friday The Night Shift - live at KCI.  Brekkus at Town Topic.
20231118 The Kansas City Vlog - Saturday -We go to NFM and the Legends
20231119 Sunday The Kansas City Vlog - We Stern off in Church where Suyen is a host to a catechumen candidate.  We go to Union Station to take Xmess pics and end up eating buttfey….

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