Sunday, February 11, 2024

20240211 The Kansas City Vlog: Sunday

The end/beginning of the week always begins with this.

is slowly learning how to serve.

lots of people are praying for some sort of victory.

siah is getting pragmatic music lessons from the best.

One of the most beautiful churches in the city.

catechumens and candidates are beginning their journey for lent.
Siah in the choiah 

Afterword we stopped for coffee.

Columbus Park

Café Ca phe

The café is very busy, and a lot of people are wearing red for some reason.

Jimmy is in his red hoodie.


We didn’t really plan it, but Stella is wearing her dragon outfit.

Kiddos are enjoying steamers.
20240211 The Kansas City Vlog_  Sunday

we are off to Vietnam Café.

Every once in a while, when you round the corner, you’ll see an old façade that is not been messed with or restored. Such as this barbershop marquee.

It’s cold!

Vietnam café

Chicken vermicelli

We are hungry!

It took a while to serve everyone at the

Zach is only having lettuce. Not really!

We are Sassified.

A person named Tara wanted to get a picture with Luke because of the matching glasses.

Luke is a model!

20240211 Superball and IKEA and Victory!

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