Sunday, December 29, 2019

YJ's Third World Snack Cafe Epic Epilogue in Video Form

I first went to YJ's Third World Snack Cafe late one night in 2000 as the place had just closed up.  I had heard there was some development taking place in an area of Kansas City that had always been kind of an industrial backwater -- full of empty buildings, parking lots and crime.  I found the owner of YJ's out front sweeping his sidewalk at 18th and Wyandotte.  Even though he had just closed David Ford was very happy to talk to me.  He sold my my first cup of cawfee at that place, the first of many.  From there it began a long relationship with the place.  Even though Mr. Ford hated to be on camera, he welcomed me with my cameras to take as much footage and as many pictures as I wanted.  I have come up with quite a library.  This does not include the many still pictures I have taken.  When I travel, everywhere I go, I look for a place like YJ's.  Now with YJ's gone in my own home town, I am looking here to for something that is irreplaceable.

June 4, 2009 at 8.06am PDT
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