Thursday, February 9, 2012

February First Friday

People Braved the Cool Rain for some Great Art

Friday 3 February 2012

James hasn't seen much in KC art that inspired him.  Hel likes Jenette Powers' work, but little else he's seen has made him want to go out on cool rainy February nights in Kansas City.  On this First Friday, we broke tradition by starting out on the east end.  I've found that what the artist Sara Cramer is doing with her space is interesting.  Usually I start on the west end, around or near YJ's, but as I am giving up YJ's until Easter for lent this year, I have been forcing myself to expand my horizons.

Our first east end stop was the Slap and Tickle Gallery.  It says on the door "No Dogs, No Children," which is understandable due to the nature of the artwork displayed, the sensitivity of babble belt crybabies, and also the fact that the resident dog of the place gets upset when another dog comes in off the street and eats the gallery dogs vittles.  We worked our way from here to the other galleries in the same block.  Honeytree was displaying work for sale cheap by the Kansas City Art Institute Printmaking Society ----

I've been impressed with Sara Cramer and what she is doing with her stuff.  We went upstairs, and the main gallery up there had her work up.  The Loft Space that she runs had the usual works which are always nice and well laid out.  She shares the space with several other artists, and she helps curate their shows, as well as does promotion for them and other artists.

We ventured upstairs to the Loft, where we talked to Sara Cramer.

James and I on our way to the Belger/Red Star Studios after hearing that there was a tremendous show there, stopped by Midwestern Music.  They had a show in thier gallery by Stephanie Weiss.  Check it out....

We made the cold walk to the Belger/Red Star Studios.  The temps weren't that bad, but the nice norther winds made it seem long and chilly.

James and I were hungry.  We made that long cold trek back, which seemed longer and colder on the return.  We went to Grinders for grub.  There, James met Stretch for the first time.

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