Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Friend, Jose Santa Cruz Saturday 5 September 2015: Violent Holiday Weekend/Sunday 6 September 2015: Bum Back Shot/Monday 7 September 2015: Rainy Labour Day/Tuesday 8 September 2015: Crazy/Wednesday 9 September 2015: Sad News/Thursday 10 September 2015: Big Storm Heralding Fall/Friday 11 September 2015: Grim Memorial

My friend, Jose Santa Cruz

Saturday 5 September 2015:  Violent Holiday Weekend
CWI:  19th and Highland Shooting
Irish Fest Band
Sunday 6 September 2015:  Bum Back Shot
CWI:  Royals
Code Yellow



Monday 7 September 2015:  Rainy Labour Day
JPE:  Medals Returned
Code Yellow
Tuesday 8 September 2015: Crazy
JPE:  Cross Verdict
Code Yellow
Wednesday 9 September 2015:  Sad News
Sick Day
Code Yellow
Thursday 10 September 2015
Big Storm Heralding Fall
Code Yellow
Friday 11 September 2015
Grim Memorial
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