Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ghost Lights

Sometimes You Feel Like You are Being Watched

In the shadow of the church, the silence is deafening.  Like so many old world villages, the church is the center, the heart of everything.  A city is made up of many villages.  Columbus Park, or little Italy, is one of the oldest villages in Kansas City.  Once people would be considered foolish to wander around this part of the city alone or with friends.  This had become an inhospitable place, decaying, forgotten.  Now it is becoming a destination in the city.  People are moving back here, to be close... connected.  This village on the northeast fringes of downtown is a place worth seeing and walking around, even if you get the feeling late at night that you are not alone.

June 4, 2009 at 8.06am PDT
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*Lawrence Kansas, Friday 10 August 2007
*Tax and Spend
Today I was asked why a certain political party wanted to spend 7 million of Missourians tax dollars on a primary that won't even count.  The person asking me then asked, wouldn't that be money better spent supporting something worthwhile, like teachers salaries or the arts?  For that, I have no answer.

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