Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Journalism is journeyism.  In other words, I think life's meaning is defined by the path.  It is good to break from your routine to change up ones route, if for only a little while.  We have a short vacation from our duties, and so the theme for our time off is a road-- a pathway-- an avenue that has become a destination for so many traveling souls.  As human beings have sought out this very journey as a means to seek opportunity to extend their existance as something more than living for more than mere scrap, so too are we hoping to grow in an enlightened spiritual journey.

First day of vacation.  We woke up early, for us.  We'll see what the rental car brings.  Suyen checked it online last night, and based on that, it looks like it might be for real.  My Fitbit came in last night, so I'm trying that out.  Also, there is a slight chance for severe weather tomorrow right in the area where we'll be.  Maybe there will be some storm chasing yet.

- 2012/04/26 Thursday 13:19:15
Hertz Rent A Car
1 (816) 420-0123
7321 N Oak Trfy, Gladstone, MO 64118
 We ran errands today.  We got the car at the rental place, and it appears it is for real.  The car is an upgrade, even from what we wanted.  We got a Nissan Altima.  It was suggested to me at work that since we were traveling route 66, we should try to rent something like a Camaro.  I think the car doesn't matter much, however the Altima is a nice ride.

We visited our friend, Ken, who will look after our cats for us.  He is in reminiscing mode these days.  We ate at a Perkins in Independence.  Suyen and he talked mainly about life and family.  He gave me a clipping from an article written in 2009 in Review Magazine.  It is about a place we can visit in Oklahoma which plays homage to route 66.
One of our chores -- Tima has been scratching lately ... so first bath of 2012...

Then on to Sam's Club to pick up some things for the trip...


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