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Bantayan Island took a direct hit from Typhoon Yolanda -- Needs Help!

10:40 AM, Friday 8 November 2011 Typhoon Yolanda (Hiuyan) made its 4th landfall in the Philippines on Bantayan Island.  Most of the residents sheltered in place as there is no way to get off the island once ferry service ceases.

We did not get word from Madridejos on the northern tip of Bantayan Island until 01:15 Sunday morning.  The good news is that our family on the island is alright.  The bad news is that Madridejos and the entirety of Bantayan Island has been hit very hard.  So far there is a report of 3 deaths in Madridejos....
from  Bangon Bantayanons

Reported casualties of typhoon Yolanda: 

Bantayan Island: seven (7) persons namely:
1. Cresencio Caraballe, 40yo of Brgy Bailad
2. Apolinario Dawa Opril 60yo of Brgy Bantigue
3. Pedong Forrosuelo, 90yo of Brgy Guiwanon 
4. Susan Soriba, 40yo of Brgy Patao
5. Arturo Alon, 40yo, of BrgySulangan
6. Rolly Guidacan Villa rosa, 22yo of Brgy Sunko 
7. Dionisio Abello, 66yo of Brgy Kampingganon.

In Madridejos: three (3) persons:
1. Edgar Despi, 32yo of Brgy Bunakan
2. Alberto Prietos, 46yo of Brgy Tarong
3. a certain Dodong, 1yr of Brgy Tarong

Source: PRO-7

Here is a link to pictures of Bantayan Island after the storm...

Villacarlos Academy =

Bantayan Island Nature Park and resort =

Kota Park (beachfront of Madridejos)

Ferry Ride from Bantayan Island

Ferry ride to Bantayan Island

Mother load of photos from somebody who is there now and is able to find cell service to send his photos back
(he also has videos on his facebook page of the storm hitting Bantayan Island)

Aerial photo of devastated Madridejos

Our facebook photo album of some of the missing relatives

Facebook Page for Bantayan Island relief effort

Aerial Map of Madridejos,123.7319392,17,0,0,

Tweet of aerial photo of Madridejos damage

Information on how to send help to Madridejos can go to

June 4, 2009 at 8.06am PDT
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