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3 Souls

Monday 21 July 2014:  Another Crisis and Running for Melba/Tuesday 22 July 2014:  HOT!/Wednesday 23 July 2014:  All Over the Place/Thursday 24 July 2014: I-35/Friday 25 July 2014:  Losing a Friend/Saturday 26 July 2014:  VO Patrol/Sunday 27 July 2014

I found out in a really rough and strange way a friend of mine passed away this week.  He was hiking in the heat and apparently was overcome.  I have said before I think we live parallel lives.  In this case I hope I am wrong.  However, when the time comes I know ultimately I am not in control of my own destiny, and that I must live each moment as I hope my friend did, to it's fullest.  He certainly had a full life.  So how do peoples paths cross in this universe?  I have come to think that how we are remembered is what remains of us when we are gone.  The lives we touch and the ripples that we create are what become us after we have passed through.  We are seen in the wake we leave behind, fading with time, but creating and interacting with others in passing.  So, on one day in July, my life crossed the wake of three other souls.  I see how they have left behind a wake that affects everything and more that I see today.

One hot July, 25 years ago, I attended an outdoor concert at Volker Park in Kansas City.  I found out about it the weekend before when I went to see the Sin City Disciples play at the Foundry.  They played with the Kustom Kar Kommandos from Oklahoma City and a local band called Piston Grind.  Checking over the flyers for the week ahead, I found that the Sin City Disciples were also going to play at an outdoor show the next Saturday at Volker Park.  The show was a benefit for Artists for Amnesty.

It was warm that day.  That show was amazing.  One of the bands that played was Kill Whitey.  Another that played was Mudhead.  This was the first time I would see or hear any of these acts.  I remember Mudhead playing in the heat with Motley on crutches and two girl guitar players dressed in long black dresses which was what a lot of women liked to wear back then but was a poor choice for a hot summer outdoor concert.  The dresses were quickly peeled down to the waistline to reveal bikini top bras that were not black, if I remember right.  There was a lot of skin on that day.  I remember, barely, some of the speeches being made between sets.  Actually, I remember that there were speeches, really.  

Sin City played, and their fans were rowdy.  The sound guy threatened to shut it down if the fans didn't stop moshing on his monitors and tearing out his cables.  The show went on to its heat exhausted end.  When we were young, we could recover and didn't know limits.

The show was organized primarily by a woman who I came to admire.  Her name was Anne Winter.  She was owner of Recycled Sounds on Main and Westport, in Kansas City.  She put on quite a few of those types of things.  I first heard of her in 1988, when I tuned into the new community station in Kansas City, KKFI one Thursday night.  I heard for the first time bands like the Dead Kennedy's, Firehose, and many others too numerous to mention.  The show was called "the Orphan Annie Show" hosted by Anne Winter with the help of Tim Kearns later on.  I've video taped the ping pong tourneys she hosted behind her store.  I met many of the bands for the first time when they played record release parties inside her store.  Her husband was part owner of the Foundry, where I found out about this show.  I got my introduction to the Foundry in March 1989, while on spring break.  I was able to check out a video camera from the Student Cable Network, and got video of that show.   Her departure from the mortal world is a loss and the wake of her passing is great.

Mudhead was lead by one of the most unconventional people you ever could meet.  He went by the name of Mott-ly.  I remember he was not afraid of anything.  Mott-ly was also kind to everyone.  His passing was never unexpected, but that doesn't make it timely as he is missed tremendously, and the local music and arts community still reverberates with echoes of his being.

Now, unexpectedly, my friend, David Goodrich is gone.  I was introduced to David, I don't remember when.  However, the first CD by the Sin City Disciples has his art throughout it.  He was good friends with Mott-ly and was well known by many people.  His passing has left the world his art, which is something to see, and memories of many great talks about anything deep.  

We cannot do anything to bring these three souls back to us, except remember.

I apologize if my eulogizing seems to be self-centered around my experiences, but that is all I have.  I wish to hear from others.  That is how we, though poorly, bring people back to our hearts and keep them there.

Monday 21 July 2014:  Another Crisis and Running for Melba
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Tuesday 22 July 2014:  HOT!
EBU:  Child Hit by Car Dies
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Wednesday 23 July 2014:  All Over the Place
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Thursday 24 July 2014: I-35
MBR:  Olathe Sexual Assault
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Friday 25 July 2014:  Losing a Friend
MDI:  11 Year Old Killed
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Saturday 26 July 2014
VO Patrol
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Sunday 27 July 2014
Jose Santa Cruz and Parents
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