Monday, December 19, 2011

New Gallery at the Old Art's Incubator Building

Art Space Comes Alive in the Dead of Winter

Todd Weiner Gallery had its opening night and promises to be open a lot in the next coming months.  The eclectic collection displayed in the gallery the latst Thursday before Christmas is impressive.
Hey, check out the livestreaming event of the Christmas Cantata and Midnight Mass At Our Lady of Perpetual Help Redemptorist Church here on Svoboda.  That will be 11 PM Christmas Eve to 1 AM (ish) Christmas Morning




June 4, 2009 at 8.06am PDT
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*railZEN UP 224, Lafayette County Missouri 4-14-10
Uncle Pete is no Fun
*War on Christmas?
More like a war on language, and culture.

I had an interesting talk with a guy who knows a lot more about art, and travel than me.  As these conversations ofter do, this one drifted into politics.  Actually, it was more like pushed into politics by me and my single track mind.  I guess I'm pissed these days.  I think I'm just really tired of Christmas, and I am ready for it to be over.  I'm not a kid anymore, and it is a kids holiday.  I find the constant "traditional Christmas" noise on the teevee and radio nauseating.  I also find that more and more Americans are missing the season, weather they want to or not.  By missing the season, I mean they are forced to work through it, instead of taking a holiday.  I would say, like everybody else, but there are far too many people working for it to be considered a safe majority anymore.  So the folks who bleat on about putting the Christ in Christmas are the very folks who seem to be working hard for that classs distinction that is dileanated by those who can take a holiday, and those who have to work hard through it.  Christmas seems to have become one of the most selfish of holidays anyway.  If you want to put Christ in Christmas, spend at least some of the time volunteering to help the less fortunate.  I'm not talking about spare change in the Salvation Army kettle either.  I am talking about physically giving of your time, ear and heart to some poor lonely soul out there who just needs somebody to talk to for awhile.  There are way too many people shoved aside in this cold depressing time of year.  The people working hard so you can enjoy your holiday need a little hug too.  I think a lot of artists are hybernating or working through the holiday.  Art does mirror society.

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