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1st in 2012

I Thought Kansas Citians Were Going to Stay Home

Empty streets.  Purveyors of art had put out al sorts of goodies that were going uneaten.  The art works expressed ideas and emotions to empty galleries.  That was at 6 in the evening.
I met my friend, Ken, and we began our usual evening kvetching.  This time of year is usually gloomy and dreary, and we are usually well into nursing our depressions brought on by seasonal affectation disorder.  Tonight, however, were were complaining about the lack of people on the streets for First Friday on a fine, unseasonably warm January evening.  I was going on about how Kansas Citians let the calender determine their habits, and that it will probably be a warmer first friday in January than it will be in March and April, when the sidewalks will probably be packed.
Dave Matthews offbeat gallery next door to the Leedy Volkous had a nice feel.  Dave was out front playing guitar with a friend, and there was a nice little fire in the pit out front.
But there is little wonder why Kansas Citians didn't want to brave the "cold" in January to see art.  Most of the galleries didn't want to brave the "cold" to show art.
One of the few galleries that did brave "the cold" was Honeytree.
The art this night at Honeytree ranged in price from very cheap the PHEW!  Unfortunately, the cold and lack of crowds are not all that galleries have to brave this time of year -- what people do show up are usually broke from the holidays.  If I had some money, one or two pieces in this gallery would have gone home with me.
Upstairs was crochet art.
We got a good look at Sara Cramer's loft which was open for a show

Ken and I wandered up to The Late Show Gallery
Rusty Leffel was showing his photographs
Tom Deatherage was remarking on my dog, Tima, wandering in like she owned the gallery that I should try that in Sherry Leedy's gallery with all the breakable art in there.  More on that later.
We made our way on down to the Hilliard Gallery.
Poor, poor Tima, left out in the cold all the time....
We were walking west on 18th after the Hilliard, when a lady came up to us and told us to go about a half block north to a group show that was being missed because it was off the main street.
Poor Tima looking in, even though she was told she could go in by the gallery owner.  She stood outside and waited for me.  This is behavior she didn't repeat.
I took this picture before I read the sign on the wall that said no pictures.... whoops.
Lonesomeness on a unseasonably warm January night.
Tima looking in yet another door.
Being good....
We made our way to a group show at the Leedy-Voulkos gallery.  We were here a little before six, but the place does not open until 6 on the dot.  I tied Tima up to a garbage can outside, as the good people of Kansas Ctiy finally did start showing up in crowds.
Courtney Wasson
Tima wants in.... bad!
From Leedy-Voulkos, we made it over to the Sherry Leedy gallery.  Now, remember, I wrote about what Tom had said.  There was no where to tie Tima up outside of this gallery.  Somebody encouraged her to come in or she did of her own free will thinking I wasn't coming back out.  Anyway, she went trotting through the gallery like she owned the place in her pretty blue sweater, which, of course caused everybody in the gallery to look at her.  I shooed her out, but to no avail.  A minute later she was back in.  Somebody was adamently shooting video with their iphone, so if it goes up on Youtube, would somebody please let me know.  Either way, I took Tima outside and stayed with her until Ken came out to hold her while I finished my tour of the gallery.

The good people of Kansas City did finally come out, and it was a good opening for art for the beginning of the new year.

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