Saturday, January 18, 2020

Bonnie and Clyde Shootout

Follow the signs....

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Grand Canyon and Route 66 Adventure

At the end of a momentous summer, we decided it was time to squeeze in one last adventure.  

We left early on Friday and made it to a truck stop in Salina, Kansas.  It was great to have a working generator, as for the last year the generator would not start.  I turned out to be mud daubers in the intake port for the Onan generator.  We had a lot of work done on the Navion before this trip.
Most people think Kansas is flat, and it is in spots.  But there is a variety to the landscape, and gradually, we rise in elevation to meet the rock mountains as Kansas becomes Colorado.  Our route took us mainly on US highways, which is alright by me.



Stopping to eat breaks the monotony of travel...

We randomly picked our first camp ground from the googles and got lucky....

South Fork, Colorado

Our next days travel took us through the mountains of Colorado and over the dreaded Wolf Creek Pass.

Wolf Creek Pass

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We survived the pass and made it into the desert and 4 corners region and into Arizona.  Southern Colorado's big industry is tourism.  The area is gorgeous.  I was wishing we had time to stop and explore the Durango and Silverton railroad.
 All the towns seem to have a hard tourism bent in this part of Colorado.  It was hard to find reasonable prices even for campgrounds.
 Our second day of travel was one of the longest.

 We stopped at a casino on old route 666.
Dennehotso is an interesting desert stop.  We stopped for a little break, but mainly we stopped to make sure we had fuel as service stations are a long distance apart and you don't want to get stranded in the desert.

Dennehotso, Arizona

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We enjoyed, shopped at and got souvenirs at the market...
We crossed the painted desert on our way to our destination.

 Reaching the park by late afternoon, we still had a long drive to get to our camp ground.

First Day at the Grand Canyon
We walked and walked until we could walk no more.

We took pictures....

more pictures....

2nd Day at the Grand Canyon
We rested from the first day, and rode the bus everywhere.  We finished the day with the sun set.

Sun Set over the Grand Canyon

Zack and I used what we learned to build a tiny model of a pueblo shelter... need some work...

Last Day at the Canyon

We went to the eastern part of the south rim at Desert View...

Leaving the Grand Canyon and Traveling Route 66
On our way back, as I had planned, we took route 66.  Our first stop was the birthplace of historic 66 and a major inspiration for Radiator Springs in the movie Cars -- Seligman Arizona.

Seligman, Arizona

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The kids did not get to meet Angel, but they enjoyed the Snow Cap Drive In...

Angel Delgadillo

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Our first overnight on route 66 was at the Flagstaff KOA
Standing on a Corner

Jack Rabbit Trading Post -- Joseph City, Arizona
New Mexico

San Fidel, New Mexico

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San Fidel was a great opportunity to stop, take pictures and stretch our legs...
Our last stop, and goal for the day was the Route 66 RV park and casino, just west of Albuquerque, new Mexico...

Tucumcari New Mexico


Our overnight stop was at the Cadillac Ranch RV Park

We had a brief stop over in Alanreed Texas.
Shamrock Texas

Shamrock, Texas

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U Drop Inn

We blazed through Oklahoma this time around as time was running out for our vacation.  Kids had to be in school and we had to be back at work.  Our goal was Pops in Arcadia, east of Oklahoma City...

We had one last overnight stopover at Matfield Green Rest stop on the Kansas Turnpike, (I-35) due to severe weather rolling in.  I didn't want to punch a core of a severe thunderstorm at night in an RV to try to make it home.  We pulled over and had a good sleep as the rain pattered our our roof.

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