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Some Minor Formatting Changes for Svoboda

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*Where's John Landsburg in all this?
One word has become a big news talker in this town for the past week or so... Jardines.  I think it is a text book example of bad PR.  Not talking and explaining your side of a news story can be disastrous. I tell every artist I meet that if you allow somebody else to speak in your behalf, then you give over the control of your image to that person.  So, it is best to suck it up and speak for yourself.  That means you have to compose yourself and put together a coherent and non-confrontational response.  People often say that the media did a smear job on them.  I find, however, in almost every case, the wounds they suffer are entirely self inflicted, and often well deserved.  The people who do the best are often the people who seek out the local media to give their side of the story honestly and openly.  Those who do the worst are the ones who try to delay, and stonewall, or outright ignore the media.  My wife was attending a seminar with some police officials who told all of those in attendance that they should always try to at least give some information to the news media, because it they don't, the news media will "just make things up anyway."  I find that statement too is not entirely correct.  What the news media will often do is run with whatever information they can get on a news story to meet the deadline and to meet the needs of their audience.  If you will not give your side of the story, do not cry when your side of the story does not come out, but the story does come out.  By the next day, when you are ready to speak in hopes of getting some sort of retraction, you might find that the news media is no longer interested in pursuing the story, and you have missed your chance.  Learn to speak for yourself, or find somebody who can do it for you competently if you are incapable.

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