Friday, January 18, 2013

Soaring over the West Side

In the real calender section, I have included a bunch of pictures I've taken of the Roasterie DC-3.  This antique airplane is displayed as a form of advertising for the Roasterie, a coffee roaster in Kansas City Missouri.
This artistic installation/arcitecture/billboard definitely has people from all over looking up.  Like many distinctive gigantic signs, statues and curios I've seen up and down route 66, It has become a land mark.  People driving past it sometimes rubberneck at the aircraft that is seemingly and precariously soaring out of a west side neighborhood of Kansas City Missouri.  It seems a little out of place in its environment, which is the appeal.  It follows the traditon of other forms of gigantic advertising worldwide....
In Stroud, Oklahoma, I've taken a picture of the googie Skyliner Motel neon sign, which was constructed by a bodybuilder out of Oklahoma City, named Tuny Monday.  I did not make that part up.

You might be saying, "that's great, Stevo, but what does this have to do with that?"  Well, I read somewhere, though I lost the reference, that the reason that we see giant vertical neon signs with huge vectors as well as other roadside giants such as muffler men and such was that it was a cheap and effective form of advertising to people buzzing by on the interstates.  Most businesses cannot afford expensive highway frontage in prime locations, but if you erect a sign, especially a distinctive sign that becomes a landmark, then you can keep your business visible from a long distance.  That was really the underlying motivation behind a lot of mid-century signage -- keeping your store visible from the road.  Hence, as I have stated many times in the past, I love this form of advertising, and I love that plane.  I think it is a distinctive land mark.  I think it is very well done, and I love seeing a classic airplane recycled into a piece of landmark sculpture, rather than being sent to the scrapper.  Go down to the r-cal section of this page to see more pix I took of this plane and the neighborhood around it.

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