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Wichita Falls Texas -- August 15, 1990

I was called strange for my fascination with photography and old buildings
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I joined the Air Force in June 1990.  I went to Basic in San Antonio, Texas.  I went to Tech school for the Engineering Assistant specialty at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls Texas.  It was one of my goals to buy a fairly decent camera.  So, my first week in the BX, I bought a Minolta x-700.  When in Tech school, the first two weeks you are restricted to the base.  After two weeks, you are allowed to go into town, but only in your dress uniform.  So, these pictures were taken when I was wandering around a town I had never been to in a US Air Force blue uniform, with what was euphamistically referred to as a 'cunt cap' (that is the blue cap that looks like a flight attendant might wear -- so called because it sort of resembled a part of female anatomy only blue).
Please pardon the upsided down scan -- just turn your computer upside down to see the picture in the right orientation
The 'worlds smallest skyscraper'
Did I ever mention that I love trains.  This is the Burlington Northern -- before there was a merger with the Santa Fe
Wichita Falls was hit with a huge tornado that demolished the south side of the city in 1979
My first day out, I walked all day and way past sunset.  It was my first taste of freedom in a while.  Most airmen went to the Sikes mall, ate some fast food, took in a movie and then went back.  Not me!  I went to the park where the trademark falls were, I walked all over downtown, got solicited by a pimp, and took a bunch of pictures with my new camera.
The photo in the lower left is of a Texas style oil ranch.  There were a lot of them in Wichita Falls.  There were a lot of architectural masterpieces which, many of had been repo'd and were sitting empty. This housing bubble was caused by an oil glut in the mid 80's that made many formerly rich oil people very poor.  The economy of the local area suffered as a result.

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