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R-Cal: Wednesday 24 October 2012

- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 07:41
We have spent the night in Williams in a place called el Rancho Motor Lodge.  it's a good old school Motel nothing fancy.  I went on a nice little 2 mile run in Williams.  The town hasn't woken up yet. It's pretty dead it's in the off season.  They are really proud of Route 66 here.  It was the last town that was by passed by the highway in October 1984.  One of the only places I see open besides the Circle K downtown is a coffee house.  we're planning on getting her start there and then heading on as far as we can try to make it to California by night.  We're in the mountains this area which is very nice was a lot of pine forests.  however I've been doing some reading and we're about to hit some really big desert it's almost daunting, the thought of it.  we won't be on the highway will be in lonely stretches of Old Route 66 and there aren't many services on that part and everything seems to be abandoned - a lot of ghost towns. 

- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 08:37
American Flyer Coffee Co
1 (928) 635-0777
326 West Route 66, Williams, AZ 86046

- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 09:50
We are in Seligman Arizona.

- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 13:29
Peach Springs
Hualapi Tourism

- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 14:01
Hackberry General Store

- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 15:34
Route 66 Museum
1 (928) 753-9889
120 West Andy Devine Avenue, Kingman, AZ 86401
- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 16:13
- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 16:43
We took some pictures here in the middle of the road there's nobody here for miles.
My Location@16:43,10/24
6087-6499 Historic U.S. 66, Golden Valley, AZ 86413

- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 17:30
Oatman, Arizona

- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 20:12
Rio Del Sol Inn Needles
1 (877) 747-8713
1111 Pashard, Needles, CA 92363

- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 20:20
Panda Garden
1 (760) 326-5915
2302 Needles Highway, Needles, CA 92363
- 2012/10/24 Wednesday 21:12
Our long trek across Arizona is finished.  We're now checked into a motel in needles.   Tomorrow we're going to cross the desert in California.
Rio Del Sol Inn Needles
1 (877) 747-8713
1111 Pashard, Needles, CA 92363

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