Friday, September 23, 2011

Chouteau Re-visit

Progress as defined by our government
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Windows no longer glow with warmth.  The street is busy but barren.  What stood for nearly fifty years of providing livelihoods for families has succumbed to the whims of the wrecker.  The family business has moved on to Independence.
IMGA0002_9IMGA0004_8  A church sat on the corner, but now there is no clue that it ever existed.
IMGA0007_3 A young mechanic was just starting up with his own shop, now the meager amount he recieved for being forced out won't even support him, much less the start up costs of having to establish his enterprise, again.  IMGA0008The nice couple who owned Donut King and made this street a neighborhood are now trying to do the same thing in a strip mall in North Kansas City. IMGA0005_5 Recently, the city where I reside was crying over the loss of some corporate jobs.  No tears are ever shed, it seems, for the small buisinesses and their jobs, that petty polititians do little more than pay lip service to.  I heard congressman Ryan of Wisconsin on the radio talking about how we need to encourage growth and incentives in small business.  It all sounds good, until you consider that government never nas worked that way.  Not  by their intentions but by their deeds shall they be judged.  If you look at the Chouteau 'boulevard' redevelopment, you will see that it is a state/federal program that made refugees out of local businesses and residents.  The taxpayer funding that pointed out was an earmark was run through congress by Representative Sam Graves.   Who benefits from this boulevard 'improvement'?
IMGA0003_9 Some local cycling groups applaud the trails part of this development for their use.  People speeding through in cars apparently benefit -- cars always seem to win out in this kind of thing. 
We shall see what happens, what develops in and around this neighbornood.  One thing I do know.  The politicians will pat themselves on the back for the 'jobs created' and the 'government waste cut.'  In the end, the small businesses are gone, and they are not coming back.

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