Thursday, January 24, 2013

KCI Terminal Proposal -- Thursday 24 January 2013

Our beloved Kansas City International airport is slated to be torn down so that the Federal and City govermnents can give away billions of taxpayer dollars to build a new terminal.  However, when I look at the proposals on the table, and the actual layout of the present terminals, it seems the original architects of KCI had something in mind when they designed it.  So, I did a rough sketch of my own to give the general idea of what a new unitifed terminal might look like with minimal disruption to the present airport environment...
The new terminal building would be the ticketing and loading/offloading lounge.  There would be 6 access points to the secured terminals.  Upstairs would be departure lounges and downstairs would be arrival/baggage claim.  Pick ups and drop offs would be in the main semi circle drive and there would be pass through lanes to the present parking structures behind.  Access would be only to the non secured terminal area.  Departures would have exit only access to the garages.   I may be wrong, but somewhere I heard this was the original idea for KCI expansion with a possible 4th terminal which was never built.  I believe this, or a modified version of this idea might fit the federal requirements at the least cost and would also preserve the integrity of the original terminal design, which many people love.

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