Sunday, January 8, 2012

Unseasonable Weather Walks

A Single Picture Can launch a Revolution to Bring Down an Empire

When I was in scouts, Rush and AC/DC were the top of the hits on the boom boxes, with a little Styx.  It was an unseasonably warm winter.  Our winter campouts were designed to bring us indoors and give us exposure to education rather than weather.  In Jeff City in January, the temps were in the 80's.  We "campted" at the national guard armory.  We wore short sleeves instead of jackets.  In February, it was the same thing.  In March, we expected to camp at lake Perry in shorts and to sweat while hiking.  Instead, we got a dose of winter weather.  We were not prepared.  I was not prepared to be able to walk and take photos at dusk with a light jacket.

June 4, 2009 at 8.06am PDT
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*Pencoyd Bridge, Friday 25 July 2008
*Political Art
I have an artist friend who is convinced that all art should be in the form of a political cartoon.  I keep thinking that all art is political, whether it means to be or not.  I've heard the phrase "Keep your politics out of my music."  I think that is rediculous.  By the mere fact that some form of art takes shape in a place and a time and in context with everything else that is going on around it makes it political because all art is a message communicated to an audience through a medium with an intention and an artisan craft.  Even if the art is vapidly saying nothing, it says everything.  Maybe the artist does or does not like the message they are putting forth, since most art that "says nothing" automatcially defaults to being confortable with the status quo, which in many senses for bad or good is a conservative message.  All art, ready to admit it or not, has a message, because that is what art is -- a communication, otherwise why would it exist at all?  

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