Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday 2 March 2015: Errands/Tuesday 3 March 2015: Anger is a Loaded Gun That Shoots Backwards/Wednesday 4 March 2015: boB to the Airport/Thursday 5 March 2015: Slow Improvements/Friday 6 March 2015: Everybody's Bummed Friday/Saturday 7 March 2015: Spring?/Sunday 8 March 2015: 49

Monday 2 March 2015:  Errands
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Stella's 3rd Birthday -- 21 years in doggie years.  We walked her around the plahzuh to her favorite place -- 3 Dogs Bakery to get her some treats.  We et at Pot Belly, which was a place we et at in Chicahgo in April 2013.
After dropping Suyen off at woik, I went to Jiffy Lube.
Then I took the super boo boo to the car warsh.
I went to Big Dudes to look for a shock mount microphone clip.  The cheapest one I found probably won't do what I want.  I'm looking into cheap gimbals.  It is hard to find things not made in China, but not impossible.
I went to Overland Park Photo Supply.  I need more adaptors.  The sales person seemed peeved that I didn't want to buy stuff made in China.  He mumbled something about not being able to beat cheap labor.  I found some Italian made substitutes and got better stuff for not much more money.  Cheap labor does not always mean cheap prices for us -- just cheaper goods sold at a higher profit margin.
On to Micro Center, which has a lot of crap made in China I didn't buy.
I went to my art store in the crossroads and found my pens I was looking for which are good quality, inexpensive and made in the USA!

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Tuesday 3 March 2014

Tuesday 3 March 2015:  Anger is a Loaded Gun That Shoots Backwards
MPU:  Accident Report Released
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Wednesday 4 March 2015
boB to the Airport
MBR -- Deputy Shot Church
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Thursday 5 March 2015:  Slow Improvements
EBU:  Child Dead
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Friday 6 March 2015:  Everybody's Bummed Friday
VO Patrol
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Saturday 7 March 2015
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Sunday 8 March 2015:  49
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