Saturday, September 19, 2009

Here we go....


Yesterday, on our trip to Lawrence, I discovered that Love Garden is moving. Love Garden is a record store in Lawrence that has been around since 1990. That is about 19 years for those of us keeping count. There have been many record stores that have come and gone in that time.... Recycled Sounds, Groove Farm, Spiney Norman, among many many others. I noticed the new location on our walk downtown.... IMG_2757 This is from their website.... Love Garden is moving. It’s been 19+ years at 936½ Massachusetts St. - and yes, we're a little sad to see it go. The other side of the pillow is always cooler - and that's what we foresee for the new location: 822 Massachusetts. The new space should be open on Monday, September 7th. Starting Friday, August 28th, a stock reduction sale will start at the old location that you’ve come to know and love…936½ Massachusetts St. As we walked on downtown, I also noticed that the old location is still open... IMG_2778 The new location has better frontage and visibility, so, hopefully it will be a successful move. Photo of the Frame Gallery in Westport.


While I was enjoying a day in Lawrence, I was neglecting to attend a show by Lauren, who I know as a barista at my favorite coffeehouse, YJ's. So, while I wasn't able to make it Friday night, I am going to post the information here. Please forgive me, as I am copying the information from the flyer... New Work by Lauren McEntire and Sara Dirks opening Friday September 18th 6-10 PM open through October 16th THE FRAME GALLERY 1415 WESTPORT RD KANSAS CITY, MO 64111


This is my opinion and nothing more. I want to congratulate Jeff "Stretch" Rumaner on his new job in the Kansas City Missouri TIF commission. I think he is more than qualified for the job and I would also like to congratulate the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, Mark Funkhouser, on a wise choice. I believe this to be a good move because Stretch is a businessman and artist who has worked hard for his success, and has also as have many artists in the area, been affected deeply by tax increment financing re-developing the area that has come to be known as the Kansas City Crossroads. I believe his business acumen coupled with his abilities as an artist will bring a badly needed fresh outlook on the post. I thought I'd end this by embedding the '09 mardi gras parade video, which ends with Stretch wishing us all a happy mardi gras.... Svoboda KC

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