Saturday, October 3, 2009

1st 1st Friday for this blog

Tom Deatherage & the Late show Gallery
I set out purposely for the Late Show. I've been there before. I was introduced, as many people were by Bill Drummond. Tom is a very energetic survivor who lives and breathes art. I talked with Tom on camera about his current and future shows.

Tonight's show was featuring an artist named Travis Pratt. I also talked with him on camera about his show at the Late Show Gallery...

My great journalistic skills were showing when I realized I left the battery at home for my still camera. Maybe, I'm just trying to do to much...

Take 2 Productions Video projection

Unexpectedly, as in, I didn't plan it with my handy dandy google calender, I stumbled upon this display....
It was put on by Take 2, or T2. The people who were putting it on were a little mum about what it is all about. They just said go to the website... so there ya go.

Millage Gilbert

My last stop of the evening, or I should say our last stop as I had Tima along with me, was where I started -- YJ's Snack Cafe at 128 west 18th street. The had the great Kansas City Bluesman, Millage Gilbert playing out front. The chill early October evening with the harvest moon were the perfect setting for the impromptu street festival.


This is unrelated to first Friday in KC. I have this incredible backlog of stuff I need to edit. I finally got through with my walk and talk with boB Cutler, otherwise known on the internets as Chrometuna. He has a nightly show he does on, which I have enbedded in my blog here....
Watch live video from Chrometuna's Super Natural Boloney on
As I type this, he and some of his friends/bandmates are putting on a festival in Topeka called Trucktoberfest. It is being held on the grounds of Truckhenge. They did this festival in the spring. Talk about the things I need to edit -- I was there with cameras, but it is part of the backlog. However, has a replay function much like livestream does, so if the people who put on Trucktoberfest tried to stream it, maybe it can be replayed. If not, I'm sure boB, or someone will upload videos. Mr. Cutler is very well known for his outspoken opinions, and his well traveled punk pedigree, which includes working for the likes of Patti Smith, and DOA among others. His band with his brother and friends is called the Klusterfux.

In the beginning of March, we walked around his hometown, Topeka, where he let fly some of his opinions...

Check out the Chrometuna show on every night at 3 a.m.

Click the on Button to see what is being streamed on Svoboda...

If you click on the "On Demand" button on the bottom of the player, you can see Sunday nights stream.... just click on Sunday night, 27 September 2009.

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