Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thursdays hostage, er, uh guest, was Mr. Robert Cutler, AKA Chrometuna. He is famous (infamous) 
for a lot of things -- outspoken gay activist, punk rock local icon, soundman, promoter etc. etc. He does his own show on and is a very popular programmer on justin tv. We got 
together in Topeka where he lives and toured the town. We had our first phone call on the show and 
toured the old spooky Topeka State Mental hospital grounds which sit mostly abandoned. We talked 
alot about art programs vs. sports and how art usually always loses, and how the youth and the cities
that promote sports over everything else with taxpayer dollars usually lose out. It is a common problem
in places like Topeka that seem to have more softball stadiums per capita than anywhere else but not
enough art and other education programs to go around. The results are a derelict downtown area, 
disaffected youth and a high crime rate and lower standard of living. We had a little fun. We drove
around the Phelps compound playing "Gay Bar" by the Electric Six. Reverend Fred Phelps is a well
known baptist preacher who travels the country with his family picketing funerals of homosexuals and
funerals of soldiers. We ended up having a near catastrophe as my hos... er, uh guest needed to pee
really bad.

An opera with a Kansas City connection....

     "Zhou had never composed an opera but had an impressive instrumental and vocal body of work. Living in Kansas City for many years, he retained his Chinese sensibility but was fluid with Western musical idioms."
                                      - Boston Globe

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Here are some highlights.....
We tour the spooky old abandoned Topeka State Hospital
We drive around the Phelps compound playing "Gay Bar" by the Electric Six....

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