Thursday, February 4, 2010

The worlds first talkshow in a Car!

Here! In My Car!!!!!

Watch live video from stevosvoboda on

The world's first talkshow in a car is launching Thursday 4 February 2010 at about 4 PM. The first guest for the show is Bill Drummond, the glass etcher dude. We will be talking about art, the city, current events and politics. Bill is a very passionate talented artist who has lived in the city and has experienced the art scene for over 20 years. Of course the show is viewable on, but it and all the livestreams produced for this page are on

The worlds first talk show in a car. My guest is Bill Drummond, the glass etcher dude. We talk about art, politics and events in Kansas City.

Watch live video from Svoboda KC on

Go to the archives page for the rest of the saved clips....

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