Saturday, June 26, 2010

Biloxi to New Orleans

Day Map Thursday 24 June 2010

We hit one last beach, and that was Biloxi beach.  Actually, when I lived here in the 70's, I don't remember us going to the beaches here, except to fish.  We even went fishing one night on a long dark cold pier after watching the movie "Jaws."  That was scary.  Oh, and I remember us going sand dune fishing at low tide in the darkness of night.  That too was scary.  The beaches here are severely under rated, which is just fine for me.  I like this better than the overcrowded Florida beaches where the resorts and condo's blot out the view of the beach.  Here it is laid back, with gorgeous southern homes and mansions on one side of HWY 90 (well what's left of them anyway after Katrina), and unobstructed beachfront on the other side.  Before Katrina, there was Camille.  I've often heard stories about how this area was called the Riviera of the coast.  Then Camille came and wrecked the shoreline and devastated the towns here.  Growing up here, and dealing with many threats from hurricanes often brought the stories about Camille and the documentary, that played on tv every time a hurricane came close.  Suyen and I went to the beach by the light house where I was the night before.  

A reporter from WLOX showed up to do a story on the oil slick, and its effect on the shrimping industry.

After the beach, we headed to a souvenir shop, then to a place called the Blow Fly Inn, which we had seen on food network.

We then headed over to check on the house I used to live in -- sturdy Base housing brick duplexes that were mid-century modern style ranch houses joined at the carports with their neighbors.  They were gone when we got there -- replaced by condo style duplexes.  We then headed up the coast on scenic highway 90.  Katrina really did a number on the coast here, and it still hasn't recovered after 5 years. 

We drive in to New Orleans from the east.  We were headed for Cafe du Monde for beignets.  We tried to find a place to park in the french quarter, and in the process drive down Bourbon Street, which was fun.

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