Friday, June 18, 2010

Florida Trip

After a few false starts, starting out late and eating at our favorite restaurant (Vietnam Cafe) we headed out on this hot summer day. The weather up north is frightful as there was something of a tornado outbreak in Minnesota, but on our trek we had clear skies. It has been raining hard everywhere we went, so the rivers are up. Crossing Missouri seemed longer than I remember on I-70. I got the stream going and was able to record downtown St. Louis as we passed through. I had it uploaded by the time we passed out of the worst town in the U.S. (East St. Louis).

There is not much to see in St. Louis from the highways and the sites you do see are quite grim. The highways are ugly and tricky to navigate. St. Louis is best to be avoided unless you are planning a visit there. Illinois is quite boring to cross. I kept cussing every time we hit a big bump on the highway and I muttered something about how Chicago is to blame.
Day Map Thu 17 Jun 2010
By the time we crossed into Kentucky, it was dark. We pooped out at about Nashville and took a motel east of the city.

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