Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Tripping, University of Kansas, Lawrence

Ken and I day tripped with Tima and Betsy to the University of Kansas in Lawrence, to explore the campus.  We took the back way into Lawrence via Kaw Drive and K-32.  It is a more relaxing scenic drive  but I recommend doing it only during the day as night time can be hazardous due to deer crossing the roadway.

When we arrive in Lawrence we come upon Teepee junction, which is on 24 highway north of the turnpike entrance/exit...

Arriving in Lawrence, we take a driving tour in the rain...

We walked the campus, which I think is one of the prettiest university campuses in the US. We played a little game of trying to guess when the buildings on campus were built. Ken pointed out a building that I never noticed before. He told me it was the ROTC building that was burnt down during a campus riot over the Vietnam War. It looks like it has successfully been adaptively re used, and is no longer an ROTC building....
As afternoon waned into evening, we found ourselves admiring the Campanile, which is a world war II memorial. The bells were being rung as we took our pictures.


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