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Daytripping Lawrence Kansas Thursday 19 August 201

I have been going to Lawrence, Kansas since spring 1990, when I read about the great music scene there in the local alternative weeklys and the local music paper.  Familiarization with bands like the Sin City Disciples and Kill Whitey let me know that something exciting was in Lawrence.  My first roadtrip there was to go see Day on the Hill 1990, which had Sin City Disciples headlining.

Sin City Disciples at the Bottleneck, Lawrence Kansas, August1991

Kill Whitey at the Americn Rights Festival outside Lawrence Kansas, September 1991 performing "Conversation"

Ken, Suyen and I left for Lawrence from Kansas City.  Ken and I to do some daytripping, Suyen to do shopping at her favorite store -- the Gap.  She doesn't share our enthusiasm for local businesses.

Driving Downtown Kansas City

Much has changed in Lawrence.  in 1990, downtown was primarily local businesses.  It even had a Woolworths downtown, if I remember right -- not that Woolworths is local, but it was always a fixture of downtown areas everywhere.  I remember sometime in the early 90's, that part of downtown, (where McDonalds, then McDonalds captive mexican chain is now ) was completely torn out and modernized.  About two years ago, I was in the antique mall downtown, and found a book commissioned by some study group that decided that downtown Lawrence was incredibly old fashioned and out of step with the modern times and needed to be torn down and replaced with a mall.  I believe the study was released in 1980.  About 1990, the Riverfront mall was opening up much to the protest of many local citizens.  Downtown Lawrence is still surviving, Riverfront Mall is dead.

Driving in Lawrence Kansas

boB Cutler on

Driving on KU and in Lawrence, Kansas with boB Cutler

Driving in Lawrence Kansas with boB Cutler Here in My Car

Driving downtown Lawrence Kansas at night


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