Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

Major Announcement of an Important Initiative in Kansas City

Martin Luther King Jr. day celebration at Friendship Baptist Church played out to a packed house.  An announcement was made tonight that there will be a drive to pass a 1/8th cent sales tax for development in areas east of Troost.  

  "by God, what about the people east of Troost.  Proposing a 1/8th cent sales tax for redevelopment east of Troost.  "Lets do the right thing."  He wrapped up by shouting to a standing audience the challenge "is it time yet?"

Celebration speaker Thomas Dortch.Jr "We gotta tell it like it is."  "There are those of our kind who are not of our color and there are those of our color who are not of our kind."  "In all of my years I have never seen anybody disrespect the President the way this President has been disrespected."  "What we all need to understand .... if we don't speak up and speak out..." 
"Civil rights is about this nation fulfilling it's promise."  "

Closing Benediction

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