Thursday, April 19, 2012

KCK Valentine Diner -- GONE!

A Small KCK Landmark has Disappeared

The former Griffs Burger Bar that stood at 503 North 7th street trafficway is gone.  I've known about it for a few weeks, but finally was able to find time to survey the remains for myself.  The old Griffs sign is there still advertising the last restaurant venture in the place, but there is nothing of the old pre-fabbed a-frame and dining room but a hole in the ground.  I'm not sure weather it was demolished, which would be a shame, or was moved, which is quite possible.  

Griffs Burger bars were part of a local restaurant chain that used to grace off ramps at many locations in the midwest and south.  They were a family owned operation out of the Kansas City area, and are now based in Dallas, Texas.
I am also saddened to find out that in researching information for this article, the Griff's in Sedalia has shut down.  That was the last remaining Griffs in our area.  We ate there in October 2011, on our way to a float trip.  The wrappers on the burgers said the restaurant chain was celebrating 50 years. 

Griff's had a unique a-frame design which is a product of Valentine Manufacturing, which used to exist in Wichita, Kansas, and was the sole builder of diners on route 66. 

Former Griff's as a Mexican Restaurant on October 22, 2008
Griff's, now closed, in Sedalia, Missouri when we visited at the end of September, 2011...

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