Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Journey IS the Destination

Escaping the Demiurge

The apocalypse is waging within each person.  Armageddon is not a place, but an idea.  The path is narrow, but the way has been marked.  Life is a constant tug of war between the spiritual and the carnal.  If we know and realize who resides in each dwelling, then we would never raise a hand, except to build up all abodes.  The vessel residing on the shore seems empty.  It is time to fill it and go across the waters.  It is not the end of the voyage we seek, but the voyage as an end.  Carnal existence rushes our minds so that we cannot focus on the meaning of said existence.  Were our existence owing its reason to just survive and regenerate over and over again infinitely, then life would have no meaning at all.  We must seek that which hides in plain view.  A child can see what many clever scholars have obfuscated.  The simple truth is a great equalizer of all holy texts.  That truth reveals which is false, and which is real.  That truth gives the formula for life.  That truth is mathematical and can be written down as the great equation.  That truth is so hard to follow.  We all fail, time and time again.  It is through pride and hubris we refuse to see.  We open our mouths when we should open our eyes and ears.  We dull our senses to the word.  We challenge God to reveal himself, when he was right in front of us all along.  We blind ourselves, and seek to blind others.  We worship a lesser God.  Ha-Satan challenges us with that which we do not want to hear.  We seek angels and never see them.  We boast often and seek those who do the same.  We forget our graces and refuse them to others.  We compete as an end, but not to improve ourselves and each other.  We miss every opportunity to launch every vessel across the sea.  We trip each other only to gain a meaningless foothold.  We fall so short.

I am a pilgrim.  I begin a long journey.  I seek.
My soul yearns to be free.

June 4, 2009 at 8.06am PDT
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