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Thursday 27 December 2012: Grinders TV Watch Party

Check out the Grinders TV Watch Party Pix for "Eating the Enemy" in the R-Cal section.
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- 2012/12/27 Thursday 15:35
After too much imbibement for the holidays Stella, Tima and I have decided to come to Parkville so we could run some of that crap off.
My Location@15:35,12/27
104 Main St, Parkville, MO 64152

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- 2012/12/28 Friday 03:09
- 2012/12/27 Thursday 16:59
www.spoke to KC to watch but I come 
Grinders TV Watch Party for "Eating the Enemy" on Animal Planet 
Stretch had a delicious surprise in store for those in attendance at his watch party.

Grinders Kansas City, Missouri 
- 2012/12/27 Thursday 21:59
1 (816) 472-5454
417 East 18th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

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Watch party for Animal Planet's "Eating the Enemy" in the back room of Grinders.  "Eating the Enemy" attempts to take invasive harmful species and make them a part of the menu, thus cutting down on their numbers in the wild.
People enjoying some Grinders fare while watching the Asian Carp (aka "cajun bass")
Stretch presiding over the watch party.
Phones and computers taking advantage of wifi.  I wonder if I was the only blogger in attendance.
The surprise came as the second episode of the watch party "wild boar" became part of the menu for the party.
BBQ wild boar brisket being prepped for the watch party.
Mmmmm, delicious. 
The guests were enjoying BBQ wild boar while watching it on the teevee.
3 b's -- BBQ, Beer and Boar at Grinders in Kansas City Missouri.
A great way to spend the latter part of the holiday season.
Serving the BBQ Boar.  It really was good.  My father used to hunt wild boar on Guam.  It really is a part of the dinner table all over the world.  
The meat was a leaner version of bbq pork.
BBQ wild boar brisket.
Jeff "Stretch" Rumaner enjoying the watch party he is hosting and the BBQ wild boar those in attendance are sampling.
- 2012/12/27 Thursday 23:31
1 (816) 454-4776
207 Northeast Englewood Road, Kansas City, MO 64118

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