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2012 in Timelapse -- I HATE YEAR IN REARVIEWS!!

I hate new years reviews.  I've done them, but I hate them....
So, I've decided to put the year in dashcam timelapse.  The year is timelapsed at 6000 percent, which is equivalent to one hour of time is one minute in timelapse.

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January 2012
Jose Santa Cruz was a featured artist in January 2012

January was warm.  The weather was nice for a lot of walks.  I spent too much time inside working on another blog I was efforting called The Urbs.  I was hoping to bring light to stories involving the center city.  It began to take the shape of a police blotter.  I was fighting seasonal affectation disorder as I do every year at this time.  The KC version of the Mardi Gras season hasn't helped.  I vowed to boycott it in 2012.

February 2012
I took some daytrips the weather was so nice.  Seasonal affectation caught up with me because I was spending too much of my spare time staring at screens.  The Urbs ended up on hiatus as a result.  I vowed to spend more time just doing what I want with Svoboda.  One of my cameras died, and was replaced by a Go Pro...
February ended with a tornado in Branson, Missouri.

March 2012
Baxter (Radiator) Springs, Kansas

ROUTE 66!  A rainy weekend daytrip to Joplin, Missouri resulted in a short trip down a segment of route 66 into Oklahoma.  A nice experience at the Baxter Springs visitors center resulted in my wife suggesting that I ought to blog about route 66.  It was on!  People get their Kicks on Route 66.  Well, route 66 helped me kick my depression.

April 2012
Storm Chasing 2012
Through March, I faced up to reality that one person could not do it all, so by April I had made some formatting changes to the blog.  I actually put the blog away for a couple of weeks in March.  Route 66 revived it and me.  I can't please everyone, so I should start with myself.  Looking forward to the severe weather season, I got a gorgeous backlit fairly harmless tornado in Central Kansas.  In fact, it seemed everybody got that tornado, which was the most harmful part of that tornado.  So many idiots came out to gawk at it, and do other things, that the highways became jammed and law enforcement had their hands full dealing with the crowds.  That does not bode well for the storm chasing hobby.  One of the worst offenders, as far as I was concerned, was a tv crew who decided to stop in the lane of traffic on a highway on a bridge, so they could make a phone call.  I do hope the police can tell the difference between the local meth heads and a bonifide chaser who knows the rules and will give accurate and good reports of the storm.

May 2012
At the end of April, and beginning of May 2012, we had vacation, and took it to make well on the plan to visit Route 66 and do some blogging on it.  The results are an adventure we won't forget, a desire to finish the trip (a week is not enough time to do it all) and a series of videos on what we saw on the road.

May 2012 Part 2

June 2012
What we should be spending more time doing in the summer...

It takes a while to write up something in blog form, such as a journey you took the month before.  I spent the month of June enjoying the good, but hot, weather, and writing about route 66.  I kind of made a summary of my previous months journey here....
Weatherwise, it seemed the severe weather season was short and quick, as a pattern was setting in where there was no moisture to bring on rain.

July 2012
Suyen, my wife, wanted to go visit Bennett Spring State Park in Missouri.  We had a couple of days and did just that.  It also gave me an excuse to travel more route 66 in Missouri.  At the end of our intended journey, we met two Debbies at the Boots Motel in Carthage, Missouri.  One of the nicest things about America's main street is that you make friends for ever.

July 2012 2

August 2012
The old way
First Weekend Junque Stroll in KC, Sara Cramer, Arrow Rock and Blackwater are just a few of the places we saw and people we met in hot hot August.

September 2012
We were looking forward, in vain, for the weather to change and give us some rain.  It did, a little, but not enough.  Suyen and I continued our exploration of Route 66 in Missouri, covering pretty much the rest of the state from the Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis to Lebanon, Missouri, where we began our journey in July.
Suyen and Tima on the Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis, on Route 66

October 2012
We see old friends, and we make new ones.  We made it from where we left off (Holbrook, Arizona) all the way to the Santa Monica Pier.  Actually, we drove it from the State Line of Kansas and Missouri to the Santa Monica Pier.  We met the Angel of Route 66 (Angel Delgadillo) and the Spirit of Route 66 (Gary Turner -- Gay Parita in Missouri).  We also made some new lifelong friends.  The only part of the route we have left is Illinois.
WigWam Motel in San Bernardino

November 2012
We continue our epic road trip -- the mother of all road trips, on the mother road.  I am still blogging on it.  

I Love this Googie Sign now restored in Kansas City

December 2012
I profile our friend Jose Santa Cruz and his brilliant art at the beginning of the month.  Our friend, Stretch had a watch party for his new TV show.
Watch Party for "Eating the Enemy" on Animal Planet

I always say this after Xmess in December -- I am glad the holidays are over!
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