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Unexpected Storm Chase Thursday 9 May 2013

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 - 2013/05/09 Thursday 11:42:54
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- 2013/05/09 Thursday 13:50:12
Surplus Exchange
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 The towers started building up in the afternoon.
- 2013/05/09 Thursday 15:12:05

- 2013/05/09 Thursday 16:00:41
Eastside Auto Glass
1 (816) 483-0300
8005 East Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64126
Batteries on these damn smart phones started failing even though I had them hooked up to an inverter for power.  My droid I was using for the livestream kept dying due to the battery not being able to keep up with the power use.

 The storms were on the cusp of being severe and kept trying to produce.  I was seeing what I thought was hail cores.
 The brighter grey rain shafts are hail, I believe and as was indicated by radar.

 I followed the cells east to Greenwood, Missouri where two cells merged.

 On 150 west of Lone Jack, I was stopped by this downed tree.  I'm not sure what brought this down.  I saw indications of wind where there were leaves on the roadways, but I have no way of really estimating the speed -- maybe 25 to 30 miles per hour.  This tree doesn't look like it would take much to bring it down as the intense rot in the trunk weakened it pretty badly.  

 Once the cell to the southwest of me merged with the more rigorous cell to the east of me, the torrential rains began.  I made may way back on 150, headed north on 7 and east on US 50, where I saw evidence of hail on the edges of the road -- looks like pea sized hail and lots of it.

 I took some pix in Holden, Missouri.

 Strassburg, Missouri

 Pleasant Hill, Missouri
 Grandview, Missouri

 All the rain has made the grass hard to keep up with.

As I was getting gas at Blue Ridge and Holmes, there was one last intense cell that formed southwest of Grandview.  It appeared to produce a weak wall cloud along with some hail, at least on radar.  I had to head north, so I couldn't stick around, which was a shame as this cell was photogenic in the late afternoon light.

- 2013/05/09 Thursday 19:14:31
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13100 Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO 64145

- 2013/05/09 Thursday 19:59:08

- 2013/05/09 Thursday 22:01:49
Y J's Snack Bar
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- 2013/05/10 Friday 00:15:23

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