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Friday 19 July 2013: Daytripping Centerville, Iowa

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Suyen has more family and friends in the States than I do.....

We headed out to Centerville, Iowa to visit some of her friends from Cebu and Libya....

eastbound MO 152

I-35 Destruction zone Liberty

Northbound I-35

Our first stop was an antique store in Bethany, Missouri I found during a storm chase.  I found a googie sign I'm interested in here.

Jim's Antique Mall
I-35 and Highway 136, Exit 92
4219 Miller
Bethany, Missouri

 Mo Hwy 136

Princeton, Missouri

 - 2013/07/19 Friday 11:00:00
unionville Mo caseys

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Old Corner gas station in Unionville, Missouri
North Mo Highway 5

Centerville, Iowa

- 2013/07/19 Friday 11:47:39
Here is my Current Location.

 Downtown Centerville is quite alive and active.  It is remarkable to me to see a downtown that hasn't died.

 We stopped in an actual downtown local market to get dog food for the the pups, which was our excuse for walking into downtown on a hot hot day.

I am amazed to see a downtown Maytag appliance store

 - 2013/07/19 Friday 15:28:01
Here is my Current Location.

 We took westbound highway 2 out of town, towards, I-35

 - 2013/07/19 Friday 19:59:21
piss stop

 - 2013/07/19 Friday 22:21:23

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