Thursday, November 26, 2015

Berlin Day 1

Berlin Day 1
Our room for the night...

Reichstag building

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We walked by and considered a tour at the top.  It is free but they take reservations.  Today was all booked up and the first available was 9 tomorrow, plus there is a long wait to get a reservation.  We opted for another time.

Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism

Brandenburg Gate

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Walk for Freedom

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Ampelmann Traffic signals
Stay off the bike path!
Immitating the Ampelmann...

Potsdamer Platz

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There was no where to plug in except the Starbucks..
Wifi and a plug....
How much time we have in Berlin before we have to pick up James...
Mall of Berlin...

LP12 Mall of Berlin

Many hours of watching the history channel have made this a required stop, unfortunately.  It is kind of like looking at a train wreck -- you have to look at least once...
It is entirely fitting that this is an almost forgotten back alley buried under a parking lot.  I generally hate parking lots, but this is the best location for one....


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Berlin wall watchtower
Our tour guide is actually originally from Afghanistan, and was an excellent host and tour guide...
We follow the sites of the wall in this area.

Topography of Terror


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Checkpoint Charlie

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Bethlehem Church Square

Snack time while waiting for James' train...
Back to James' apartment, where we met up with Erik
James called this picture "Vermin From the Etherial Sewer"

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