Friday, April 8, 2016

February 2016

Monstre De Muse at Davies Uptown for their Krewe Mardi Gras Ball
Testing the QX-1 in difficult lighting situations -- the moon casting it's light through tree branches...
Night Time Shots
Testing the focal length of the 55 - 210 sony E mount lens
Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri, also was once the route of the western leg of the Jefferson Highway, one of the cross highways that give the Crossroads its name...
Doggies posing for a long zoom shot...
Westport at night...
Bob Smith Motor Co. -- the sign was erected in 1958 by Bob Smith who is in his 80's, but still owns and runs the used car dealership in the Waldo in south Kansas City
Parkville, Missouri
Doggies at Headrush Roasters in Gladstone on the Jefferson Highway
Somebody has a problem with chewing stuff up...
Mardi Gras cawfee
Doggies have to wait outside.  The weather this February has been relatively warm, so there have been more outdoor activities...
Stella and Jimmy
1st Friday Art Walk, Kansas City, Missouri
Outside the Belger
Inside the Bauer
18th and Wyandotte
Alley Shops at the Bauer
Cawfee in Raytown...
Fat Tuesday Gumbo Dinner
Doggies watching the Fat Tuesday evening march
Dalene DePriest Holding onto Jimmy and Stella during the evening march
Stella and Jimmy dressed for Mardi Gras
Zen Tea
English Landing Park, Parkville, Missouri
Hibernian Shrimp Boil for Lent at Redemptorist Church
World of Wheels at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, Missouri
At the corner of the National Old Trails Road and Westport Road in Kansas City, Missouri
Santa Fe Trail Marker in Westport, Missouri
Enjoying a warm spring like day with an Esteban at Down Beat Coffeehouse....
Sunset at Village West, in Kansas City, Kansas
Under the Bus....
Golf Show
Testing the QX-1 at the Vineyard Neighborhood Association
Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City Missouri AKA the western leg of the Jefferson Highway
Westport night shots

The Boorish Redundant Adventures of Stevo 20160226 Final Friday Lawrence Kansas 

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