Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting Caught Up
I've spent the weekend working on a big project, so I haven't had much time to dedicate to this blog.  So I will do a lame attempt at talking about local arty/stormy/railfanny things plus whatever pops into my mind.

The Third American Civil War!??
Last week, the health care bill past.  As a result, many in the teabagger movement have shown themselves to be douchebaggers.  With the talk of revolution and violence, many have started to talk openly about civil war.  
The 2nd American Civil War
With so much loose talk about violence and revolution stemming from the election of our current president and the passage of the health care bill, plus with the actual events of last week, one begins to wonder.
*article from Washington Post....
*Marine will kill American civilians if he has to....
*Township turns to militia....

Stormchasing prognostication...
This past week and weekend, we've seen more cool weather with little chance of severe weather in our area.  There were tornadoes in Alabama last week and North Carolina yesterday.  As far as our area, there is a chance of something on Good Friday, 2 April.  Right now the weather is sunny and warm.  The plants are growing and we, of course, are behind on our gardening.  We have started grilling in the back.  I love spring.  

Tuesday 30 March 2010
The severe weather for Good Friday may be a southern event -- meaning Texas.  We'll see if anything happens around here.  If it does it will be very limited, maybe late Thursday night and early Friday Morning.  The main action will be in Texas Friday and Saturday.  However, early indications are that mid-April might get interesting in central Kansas.  Late Monday and early Tuesday may be interesting as well from Texas right up to Kansas City.
spc Wed 31 Mar for Fri 2 Apr 10

Going Arty
*Kansas City goes without art....

Livestreaming Events
Turn on the player below to see what is playing on the Svoboda KC livestream channel. It could be re-run's, or it might be live, you never know....
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Chrometuna Also, I have cross pollination of blogs going on with Chrometuna, and his regular talk show, which runs starts at 3 a.m. daily, so if you are up that late, go to www.justin.tv/chrometuna and chat with him...
Watch live video from Chrometuna's Super Natural Boloney on Justin.tv Upcoming Events Finally... I have my handy dandy google calender with all the upcoming events in the area and beyond...


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