Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome to Spring!!!!

Blowin' in the Wind...

Good Friday Surprise
As prepared as we think we are, nature proves otherwise.  We found out the hard way as we had a derecho in our bedroom, living room etc.  We left our windows open in the house, only to find ourselves rudely awakened Friday morning about 09:45 by the wind storm blowing us out of bed.  We ran around shutting windows and checking the internets to see what was happening.  As we did so we witnessed our next door neighbors shingles being blown off his house...

Easter Sunday Storm Chase

This was the first time we got to try out our new chase vehicle.  Everything looked good for a moderate chase day, so we headed out about 16:00.  We originally thought that we would pick a southern target as the spc called for severe storms to develop south and east between 8 and 9 pm on a limited basis.  However, storm developed to the west of Kansas City early, so we chased them.  They started taking on good severe characteristics as they were over Liberty Missouri. I noticed that the cell I was chasing was trying to spin, but just didn't have enough energy to make it.  We took I-35 north to Kearney and headed east from there.  When we got to Excelsior Springs we got into some pea sized hail.  We took shelter under a gas station awning, but it ended pretty quick.  We headed into Excelsior Springs Missouri, and noticed the cell was really trying to organize a good wall cloud with some mild rotation.  We dialed 911 to report it twice.  The first time, the dispatcher tried to send me over to Ray county.  We headed east into Richmond, but by that time the storms seemed to be weakening and were out of our range.  So we headed home and took some nice pictures of the development to the south and east of us in the late afternoon sun.  There were some tornado warnings on the central eastern side of Missouri with a couple of reported tornadoes.

Monday 5 April 2010
Everytime people predict armageddon, it seems it doesn't happen.  At least, for Monday, there were a lot of chasers out, but I think a lot of them were disappointed at the end of the day.  

Tuesday 6 April 2010
The prognosis for Tuesday seems a little stronger than Monday.  Also, it seems to be centered over Kansas City.  We'll see...
Tornado risk Tue 6 Apr 2010
10% risk of tornadoes being within 25 miles of a point within the brown circled area.

The new spc outlooks have been fluctuating. It reduced down to a 5 % chance of tornadoes then went back up to a 10% chance, but in a slightly smaller area. I'm thinking a line of storms will come through our area in the evening as the cold front finally comes through with some straight line winds and hail.
SPC Outlook 4-6-10 @ 11-46

Tuesday 6 April 2010 STORMCHASE!
Storm Chase Tuesday 6 Apr 2010
Today I was given the opportunity to chase for the TV station.  I started out west on I-70 to Basehor, Kansas.  There I intercepted the leading edge of the line of storms and witnessed the gust front of winds somewhere in the 50 mph range.  Then, I chased the storm towards the east and north where it outpaced me by the time I got to Liberty, Missouri.  There was some development to the southwest towards Platte and Clay county Missouri, so I headed south on I-35 then North on I-29 and 169 in Missouri.  The cell I was on was rapidly strengthening and had an impressive bust front to it.  Somewhere north of 169 and NW 68th, I encountered the hail core and had to stop on the side of the highway as visibility was zero due to the intense rain and hail.  I got back on 152 heading east towards Liberty, and the ground was coated with hail about pea to nickel sized.  I then headed north on I-35 to Kearney, Missouri, then east on 92 towards Excelsior Springs, Missouri.  I went towards Lawson, where there was a power pole snapped in half.  I got caught up in another intense rain storm, and stopped at Caseys for pizza and to ask if there was any other damage in town.  I then headed back to the station for a nice end to the evening.  I streamed video the whole time and the system worked rather well. 

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Wednesday 7 April 2010
What an incredible week of weather.  I wasn't able to catch up with the severe event on Wednesday, as I was working.  I'll have to defer to another account here...


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