Friday, April 9, 2010

Storm Chasing
More from last Tuesday's storm, just because....

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Thursday 8 April 2010
Today was cooler but nice. No possibility of a storm chase opportunity until at least Monday, and that is a thin chance. It seems we got hit hard by yesterdays hail. It knocked a lot of blooms off of trees and plants, but the hail was not big enough to ding metal, thank God, because we had Betsy parked outside. We've decided to name our storm chasing truck Betsy, which is actually short for big expensive truck.

In other weather news....
Weather Story Thu 8 Apr 2010
...ah the deep cycles of early spring....

Friday 9 April to Monday 12 April 2010
A powerhouse high pressure system has come to dominate the eastern half of the United States bringing warm temperatures and clear weather. The models seem to be all over the place with possibly something later tonight and possibly something later on this week. I hope it doesn't turn into a situation like last year when the Weather Channel started bragging about following around Vortex II and the whole severe season shut down in the beginning of May.
Livestreaming Events
Turn on the player below to see what is playing on the Svoboda KC livestream channel. It could be re-run's, or it might be live, you never know....
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You can click on the on button over on the Livestream window and see if Svoboda KC is streaming something live or, click on the "On Demand" tab on the bottom and see past livestreams.  We try to stream the YJ's Jazz Jam every Sunday night from 8 to 10 PM.  Contact us at we can stream an event. We are also looking for sponsorships for our streams.  You can also check out the Livestream page here or go to

Chrometuna Also, I have cross pollination of blogs going on with Chrometuna, and his regular talk show, which runs starts at 3 a.m. daily, so if you are up that late, go to and chat with him...
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